Flapmax xHAIL Apprenticeship Program​

xHAIL is a global apprenticeship program from Flapmax. Its mission is to recruit, train on-the-job, and empower underrepresented talent for inclusion in the modern workforce.​






Establishing new tech careers on-the-job

Hiring unconventional talent does not necessarily mean hiring persons without a degree.

In the majority of cases, these are persons from other academic fields who have developed an interest in the technology field. Unconventional talent also includes persons with certifications in specific technologies, for example, cisco in network security technology.​

Flapmax xHAIL apprenticeship program is designed to meet and develop unconventional talent.

xHAIL finds unconventional talent through different guiding factors including an expanded talent search and acquisition program. The program seeks to enable different participants from both local communities and across the globe to be able to grow and learn on the job. ​​






A purpose-driven mission

Helping unconventional talent​

Tackling unemployment requires one to tap into all spheres of talent and skills, from both traditional and non-traditional academic institutions ​

xHAIL is incorporating methodologies to evaluate skills and talents specific to a job description​.

Combating low employment rate​

Unemployment has over the years been fueled by industry hiring practices that have led to diminishing returns amongst different companies thereby lacking the capacity to expand​. ​​

xHAIL has been designed to reach the underrepresented,​ provide tutelage and inclusion in critical profile building projects​.

Diversity and inclusion​

Different cultural backgrounds influence the different understanding of a problem statement as well as different applicable solutions to the same​. ​​

xHAIL strives to ensure that all its members are always learning both on the job and through certification programs.

Available Apprenticeship Roles

IT Project Manager

Cloud Operations Specialist / Architect

Application / Software Developer

IT Generalist

Computer Support Specialist

Hardware Design & Development

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